Courses for adults

Nude from life

The main human body techniques will be analyzed. Practice will start from proportion, beginning from a manikin leading to the observation of a model and its representation in various pictorial techniques.

Beginner drawing course and introduction of pictorial techniques

The light and shade study, the shading technique, the study of shape and volume, of proportion, perspective and composition, still life from realia, of landscape and atmospherical perspective.

Preparing colours and different kinds of supports to paint on.

Teaching the correct use of materials introducing and learning the different painting techniques ( pastel, coloured pencils, acrylic, oil, watercolour, ink) with imagine planning and reproducing from life. Reading of paintings from 1400 to contemporaries with projection of slides.

Advanced drawing and painting course

Anatomy and physiognomy study, portraiture and different expression pose analysis. Study of the hand, the foot and the whole human figure. Study in depth of different painting techniques. Teaching in a non representational field.



Creativity is the best antidote for those who want to fight stress and draw from nature the creative urge. For this reason Ivana organizes painting stages in the open air, to allow to spend a week or a weekend painting in pleasant resorts and relaxing surroundings.  

Stage in Umbria, near Todi, from June 29 to July 6 en plein air one week or two- three days